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Valuación Operativa y Referencias de Mercado S.A. de C.V. is a company that provides daily updated prices for the valuation of financial instruments, as well as comprehensive calculation, reporting, analysis, and risk management associated with these prices. VALMER, founded in 2000, is regulated and supervised by the National Banking and Securities Commission.


Contribute with information for the valuation of financial instruments, independently, enabling reliable, timely information, and create greater transparency in the valuation of financial assets of financial institutions in Mexico, thereby maintaining consistent strategies and strengthening the image and profitability.


To be the leading price vendor through efficient valuation processes with the highest standards of transparency, reliability, accuracy, and timeliness.

Quality Policy

Valmer is committed to providing a service under the most stringent international quality standards, exceeding the expectations of our customers through continuous improvement and communication across all levels of the organization, ensuring reliable development of technological resources and human capital consistent with the development of the Mexican financial system.


The Quality Management System, that develops and implements Valmer, contains elements that require us to provide services which ensure that each activity is done correctly, with the required expertise, and within the expected timeframe. Our Quality Management System has been independently certified by the Bureau Veritas Quality International in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 international standards, under certificate number 160601 issued in November 2004.

The scope of Valmer’s Quality Management System includes the valuation process of financial assets through theoretical pricing methods that make up our price vector.

Valmer's experience, knowledge, and support come from two prestigious international institutions with top of the edge technology, timely service, and continuous development at competitive prices. By partnering with Valmer you will be competing with the help of the leaders in valuation, calculation, and price transmission. All of our services are done with objectivity, neutrality, flexibility, and knowledge.

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